"Photonics France est la fédération française de la photonique, représentant national unique et reconnu par les acteurs et les pouvoirs publics. Notre association a l’ambition de fédérer l’ensemble des acteurs de la filière pour représenter, promouvoir, défendre et développer la filière française de la photonique. Aujourd’hui, 180 Grands Groupes, ETI, PME et start-ups et, académiques et associations, fabricants ou distributeurs, nous font confiance pour les accompagner dans leur croissance et défendre leurs intérêts"

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Innovative and fast growing, our 170-employees start-up company was created in 2011 in Grenoble. Aledia develops and manufactures an uLED (light-emitting diode) display technology based on a unique and innovative 3D architecture. Its ambition is to be the first major player in the overall microLED display market, bringing advanced microelectronics manufacturing technology to the world of displays. To continue our development and our implement on our new production site, we are searching for new talents. Many positions are available , join our team !

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Founded in 2007, ALPhANOV is the Optics and Laser Technology Center of the Route des Lasers cluster, located in Bordeaux, France. ALPhANOV aims to boost innovation through collaboration between research and industry. It offers multiple modes of action which enable it to act all along the value chain: collaborative projects, feasibility studies, access to shared technical facilities, dedicated resources for companies and laboratories, technical support of entrepreneurship. It contributes to the creation and development of companies by providing innovative solutions that meet their expectations. It offers an array of services and products in optics and lasers with 4 fields of expertise: laser processes and micro-machining, laser sources and fiber components, laser and optical systems, photonics and health.

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The easiest way to use LiDAR.

Outsight, noun [out-sahyt]: the ability to see and understand external things clearly. Our objective is to make LiDAR-based Spatial Intelligence become Plug & Play, so it can be used by application developers, in any market. Our customers are Builders of Smart Machines (ie Mobile robots and Vehicles) and Infrastructure-based solution providers that monitor the flow of People, Goods or Vehicles (ie. Smart Cities, Industry, Road Safety, Logistics, Security & Surveillance…). Professional Integrators, OEMs and Solution providers can build differentiating applications based on any LiDAR without needing to deal with the complexity of low-level 3D processing and interfacing with multiple LiDAR products.

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Composing with Light

Teem Photonics is the leader in passively Q-switched microlasers as well as PICs with the ioNext platform for Silicon Photonics and optical sensors. Teem Photonics lasers generate picosecond pulses with peak powers that can exceed 200kW and repetition rates...

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Our precision makes it possible.

LASEA designs and manufactures workstations and special machines to respond to the applications of marking, engraving, cutting, drilling, texturing, thin film removal, welding and micromachining. Being a pionneer in the use of femtosecond lasers since 2003, LASEA continually invests in order to stay at the forefront of innovation. With a strong team of experts in optics, mechanical engineering and automation, LASEA develops new technologies and processes for the most complex applications.